• What is InnovaLinq™?

    A highly secure, hosted regulatory management solution designed for the gaming industry.


    How can InnovaLinq help you?

    InnovaLinq for individual applicants


    InnovaLinq makes it easier for you to apply for your gaming license, protects your personal information, and provides you with a secure, portable "digital dossier" containing your personal information.

    InnovaLinq for Operators and Manufacturers

    Gaming Operators and Equipment Manufacturers

    InnovaLinq makes it easier and less expensive for you to maintain regulatory compliance by streamlining gaming license application, renewal and reporting processes.

    InnovaLinq for regulators


    InnovaLinq enables you to focus your time on investigations and enforcement, avoiding costly human- and paper-based errors and distractions from administratively burdensome activities.

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    Scalable, Dependable and Cost-Effective

    InnovaLinq's flexible design enables the system to support gaming applicants and licensing jurisdictions around the world.
    Secure web access means the system is always available to you, wherever you are. The system is as close as your nearest browser.
    Our hardened data center ensures that your data is safe and secure. And the system will scale to meet your growing needs without requiring IT infrastructure investment.
    Our cost-effective service pricing models are designed to meet the needs of small, mid-size and large organizations.

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    Workflow Automation

    The system is designed specifically for the gaming industry, using technology proven in highly regulated global industries.
    Our flexible, workflow-driven system models your process, whether you are an individual, an operator/manufacturer, or a gaming regulator. We will never be the "square peg" you have to drive into a "round hole."
    Our workflows can be customized the meet the needs of applicants and regulators.

    Data Protection and Security

    Each applicant retains ownership of his/her personal information at all times.


    InnovaLinq is designed as a highly secure system, utilizing SSL with strong AES encryption. Username and password are required for system access, and two-factor authentication is supported. The application enforces authentication on each and every transaction. Even in the unlikely event of a security breach, files and data are encrypted on the server to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive personal information. Active intrusion detection and prevention systems detect and prevent suspicious activity, and the system is hosted in a SOC-2 certified (military grade) data center.

  • Security is Paramount

    We don't sleep, so you can.

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    Your data is protected at-rest as well as in-transit with AES-256 bit encryption keys. Our millitary-grade encryption is state of the art.

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    Two-factor Authentication

    InnovaLinq supports two-factor authentication to ensure that critical transactions are performed by authorized individuals.

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    Active Monitoring

    We utilize Armor for active monitoring on all our services, 24/7/365.


    We perform on-going unit and penetration testing on our code and servers to identify, and eliminate, any risk of data breach.


    Our data center is SOC II certified. Audit reports available upon request.

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    Strong Passwords

    InnovaLinq enforces strong passwords. Two-factor authentication and federated login are available.


    All passwords are hashed using industry-standard encryption algorithms.


    Consistent with industry best practice, accounts are locked out after multiple failed attempts.


    Inactive user sessions are terminated after a pre-defined period of time.