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Innovum Technologies Launches InnovAssist: Outsourced Licensing Services

Innovum leverages its hosted software to provide added value.

Las Vegas, NV (April 26, 2021) – Innovum Technologies, developer of InnovaLinq™, the Licensing Made Easy™ software solution, is pleased to announce that, in addition to its software that takes the drudgery out of repetitive licensing applications, it is now offering a complete licensing service.  Marketed as InnovAssist, Innovum Technologies can act as your licensing compliance department, creating applications, tracking application and license status, preparing timely renewal submissions and handling your other licensing and renewal needs.

Our experienced, confidential team collects the background information of your company, your key persons and all those who need to be licensed or approved, creates the appropriate jurisdictional applications and exhibits, advises when additional documentation is required and prepares a ready-to-file application with instructions for signing and filing. Once filed, we track the status of the application on your behalf as well as any renewal.

We also provide the professional services of attorneys with experience in gaming licensing and regulation to help identify how to respond to difficult licensing questions.

“The licensing application team at Innovum Technologies is fantastic. Their regulatory experience and diligence in the application process have saved us an enormous amount of time and expense.” said John Acres, president of Acres Manufacturing Company. Acres engaged Innovum in early 2021 to prepare applications for several jurisdictions. “We certainly plan to partner with Innovum for all our future licensing applications and I highly recommend Innovum to anyone searching for similar services.”

All of these services are available at reasonable rates. Contact us today to discuss your needs.