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InnovaLinq™ Offers Disruptive Technology to the Gaming License Process

Barth F. Aaron, Esq.

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Innovum Technologies, Inc. has developed a game-changing way to create, file and process your gaming license applications and handle the documents needed for a background investigation. Whether you are new to the gaming industry or a seasoned veteran, InnovaLinq™ provides a single, web-based solution to manage all your personal information and documents, create license application forms with a single keystroke and manage all of those tax, financial, business and real estate records that gaming regulators always want.

You know the drudgery of repetitively entering the same information on the same multi-jurisdictional form or some other form which asks for the same information but in a different place or form. You know the drudgery of compiling the years of tax returns, bank statements, cancelled checks, brokerage accounts and related records that each investigator just has to have. Look around, you have automated every other aspect of your business. You are even reading this on a computer, over the internet.

Now there is a way to provide the same automation to one of the most time-consuming, cost-ineffective and unproductive aspects of being in the gaming business. It is one that we all must do in order to conduct business, but now there is a better way.

Innovalinq™ is a web-based, automated software application that you use to manage your personal information, both individual and entity. Innovalinq’s™ powerful engine maintains a constantly updated bank of gaming license forms for the various jurisdictions around the world. With one input, you can download and have at your fingertips every license application and renewal application you need. Better than that, Innovalinq™ stores all of your financial and background documents in a highly secure data center for easy access anytime you want.

But there is more. Innovalinq™ maintains a robust calendar and tracking function so that you and your licensing coordinator can know in an instant the status of each application, when a renewal is due, when a regulator expects a response and when you need to update your records (every April for current tax returns, every 6 months for a current financial statement and more). Innovalinq™ does almost all of it for you.

But wait, “How secure is my personal information?” you ask. More secure than if it was sitting in your computer or on your tablet or even as paper in your filing cabinet. Innovalinq™ uses the military grade SUPERNAP data center operated by Switch, the world’s leading data center ecosystem. Ask your IT person. If your company stores business data off-site, odds are you are already using Switch. Innovalinq™ is housed in the same physically and digitally-secure location. More than that though, Innovalinq™ provides state of the art intrusion detection and prevention modules to ensure that your data is never compromised. The system is constructed so that only access to data is permitted. No one can download the data or remove it from the site without your specific authorization, and we track every access in our audit trail.

Want to see Innovalinq™ in action? Or find out more about Innovalinq™? Find me or my business partner, Mark West, during the 2016 G2E and we can give you a test drive on the latest innovation in gaming licensing and regulatory compliance.