• Licensing Made Easy.

    InnovaLinq makes regulatory compliance easier and less expensive for the gaming industry by automating repetitive license application, renewal and reporting processes.


    Our software connects individuals, companies and gaming regulators on a highly secure, web-based platform. InnovaLinq automates license applications and renewals processes with workflow and a central task manager that provides notification of upcoming events.


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  • What is InnovaLinq?

    A highly secure, managed, web-based regulatory management solution for the gaming industry.
    How can InnovaLinq help you?

    InnovaLinq for individual applicants


    InnovaLinq makes it easier for you to get your gaming license, protects your personal information, and provides you with a secure, portable "digital dossier" containing your personal information.

    InnovaLinq for Operators and Manufacturers

    Gaming Operators and Equipment Manufacturers

    InnovaLinq makes it easier and less expensive for you to maintain regulatory compliance by streamlining gaming license application, renewal and reporting processes.

    InnovaLinq for regulators


    InnovaLinq enables you to focus your time on investigations and enforcement, avoiding costly paper-based errors and sluggish activity.

  • Scalable, Dependable and Cost-Effective

    InnovaLinq's flexible design enables the system to support gaming jurisdictions around the world. 
    Secure web access means the system is always available to you, wherever you are. The system is as close as your nearest browser.
    Our hardened data center ensures that your data is safe and secure.  And the system will scale to meet your growing needs without requiring IT investment.
    Cost-effective service proving models are designed to meet the needs of small, mid-size and large organizations.

    Workflow Automation

    The system is designed specifically for the gaming industry, using technology proven in highly regulated industries.
    Workflows support the needs of qualifiers (individuals), licensees (operators and manufacturers) and regulators.
    Workflows can be customized the meet the needs of applicants and/or regulators.

    Data Protection and Security

    The qualifier retains ownership of his/her personal information at all times.
    InnovaLinq is a highly secure system, and utilizes SSL with 256-bit AES encryption.  Username and password are required for system access.  The application enforces authentication on each transaction.  Files and data are encrypted on the server to prevent data theft.  Active intrusion detection and prevention systems detect and prevent unauthorized access.  And the system is hosted in a SOC-2 certified (military grade) data center.

  • The Team

    We are the people who make Innovum Technologies special.  Find out more about us here.

    Mr. West has more than 25 years of management and business development experience.  Mr. West is a strategic "out of the box" thinker, and has experience with information technology, regulated industries, training, consulting and sales. Mr. West was responsible for developing the business plan and managing the growth of Clintara (a 2010 start-up) from $400k to over $4M in top-line revenue in two years. 


    As President and CFO of SenovvA (a 2005 start-up), Mr. West's responsibilities included business strategy, financial management and reporting, and sales management. He increased sales 143% over a three-year period, and led the company to be recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in LA, 2009.  


    As Vice President at United BioSource Corporation (formerly PharmaStar), Mr. West was responsible for sales and marketing for a multi-national corporation working for the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, doubling revenues year-over-year for three consecutive years.  Mr. West was personally responsible for services delivery on 47 multi-national clinical research studies, and was involved with more than 150 research studies. Prior to UBC, Mr. West was a Senior Consultant and Director with First Consulting Group, a global IT consulting firm serving the healthcare industry. 


    Mr. West holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

    Mr. Aaron has more than 25 years of experience in the gaming industry.  He is a member of the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) and the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL), an invitation-only membership organization recognized for their knowledge and expertise in gaming.


    Mr. Aaron has served as a Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, where he was responsible for the licensing of two casinos, their corporate owners, executives and managers and senior key persons.He has been the Secretary and General Counsel to both public and privately owned companies, serving as their chief legal officer, with specific responsibility for corporate governance, coordinating all board of directors functions and regulatory compliance, having successfully guided each company through the gaming licensing process, and obtaining at least one license in record-breaking time and the other licenses without issue or question. He has served as Regulatory Compliance Officer with specific responsibility for the creation, implementation and administration of the Nevada required Regulatory Compliance Policy and has guided his employers' operations with no material regulatory actions, violations or issues.


    Mr. Aaron graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School, and he is admitted to practice law in Nevada, New Jersey and New York.

    Mr. Gordon has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing, operations, and regulation of gaming. 


    Mr. Gordon served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Xchange Products at Global Cash Access, Inc. Mr. Gordon joined Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc. in August, 2009 as Vice President of Technical Operations until April, 2010 when he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Operations. From 2004 to 2009, Mr. Gordon worked for Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. as a Project Manager and Director, Oasis Regional Support, respectively. From 2003 to 2004, Mr. Gordon worked for the Mississippi Gaming Commission as a systems engineer. From 2000 to 2003, Mr. Gordon worked for the Department of Defense as an Instrumentation and Telemetry Lead on the F/A-22 Raptor.


    Mr. Gordon is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was Honorably Discharged in 2000 after four years as an aircrew member on the ARIA EC-135 and EC-18 aircraft.


    Mr. Gordon holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland University College.

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